Jet2 Adding More Airbus A320neos

Jet2 Airbus A321neo

Jet2 has announced plans to exercise options for further Airbus aircraft amid interim results for 2023 being revealed

Breaking Down The Commitment

The UK leisure airline has secured 12 more Airbus A320neo family aircraft, a move that follows the airline exercising options.

An exercising of options comes as Jet2 intends to continue growing its fleet through the coming years and rely heavily on the A320neo family.

Thanks to the newest commitment from Jet2, the airline now has 110 A320neo and A321neo aircraft committed.

Jet2’s reliance on the series will continue long into the future, with deliveries slated to occur every year until the early 2030s.

Jet2 Makes The Switch To Airbus

Before ordering the Airbus A320neo family, Jet2 relied heavily on Boeing-produced aircraft such as the 737 and 757.

Currently, the airline still flies these Boeing-produced aircraft. However, its future will be in the hands of European plane maker Airbus.

During their initial commitment to Airbus over Boeing, the company noted that the reduced fuel consumption was one of the leading reasons they committed to the series.

Additionally, Jet2 highlighted the lower noise footprint and the ability to move towards a more sustainable fleet.

The Jet2 Fleet

Jet2’s fleet currently consists of 97 in-service aircraft, per the latest data from

The A321neo series has slowly entered airline operations across recent history. Five units are in service, averaging an age of 0.4 years.

Despite a move to Airbus, the 737 series remains the focal point of the JEt2 operations with 82 in-service 737 family aircraft. The 737-300 and 737-800s remain in service, with the average age of these two variants at 25.7 and 14.1 years, respectively.

Daniel Fowkes
24 Nov 2023
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