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About Us

Dj’s Aviation launched in July 2015 from Melbourne, Australia. Since its conception, it has grown to reach tens of millions per month across social media platforms and be the largest fully independent aviation media publication, run by Dan, the founder, owner and sole day-to-day runner.

The underlying goal of Dj’s Aviation is to inform the general public about breaking news within the aviation industry, targeting an audience of all knowledge levels. Additionally, with a mission to bring the passion for aviation to more households globally.

Dj’s Aviation reaches tens of millions per month and is one of the leading choices for coverage of the aviation industry. 




Dj’s Aviation Podcast

The Dj’s Aviation Podcast is a weekly audio-only deep dive into the world of aviation hosted by Dan. The podcast offers frequent travel journeys documented, from almost missing flights to lost baggage and everything in between, to the latest significant aviation stories, alongside insight into running a media publication. The mission is to provide an entertaining, yet informative piece of media for all.

In addition, to Spotify and Apple Podcasts, the show can be found across 20 other publishers. Search ‘Dj’s Aviation Podcast’ on your chosen streaming platform.

Discord Server

Established in early 2021, the Dj’s Aviation Discord server is one of the most active aviation communities on the platform, with over 50,000 messages per week. The server is partnered with Discord, therefore adding a layer of protection and security for those joining and offering the server EXCLUSIVE benefits.

Frequent events occur, from game nights and plane-spotting photos to livery designs. For general discussion, dedicated forums include spots to discuss the latest aviation news, photography, and hobbies, including but not limited to model collecting/building and much more.

GlobeTrotting at Dj’s Aviation is one of the newest aviation channels to launch on Youtube, a secondary channel in the Dj’s Aviation family. The mission is to globetrot, leaving no stone unturned regarding coverage. The channel’s foundation is built by a small team of writers who frequently write pieces for publication.

GlobeTrotting aims to analytically highlight critical developments in the aviation industry, from new airlines, new aircraft, and retirements to analysing why airlines pick specific planes, launch routes and everything else in between. We hope to answer not only your burning questions but also questions you never knew needed an answer.