Ryanair Confirms 737 MAX Delays

Ryanair has confirmed a delay in delivery of its upcoming 737 MAX jets and therefore route cuts with price increases across Summer 2024.

Ryanair has provided an update surrounding the delivery of its Boeing 737 MAX jets, confirming a delay is expected.

Following the latest update, the 737 MAXs scheduled to be delivered before the end of June 2024 are now set to decrease dramatically.

As part of the new confirmation, Ryanair says just 40 of the 57 aircraft will be delivered. Additionally, Ryanair’s schedule is based on 50 MAX jets at a minimum arrival.

With significantly fewer aircraft arriving, the airline says it’ll be forced to adjust its peak summer flying. While not a significant change, thanks to its already colossal fleet, it’ll be forced to reduce frequencies on routes.

Reducing frequencies on specific routes instead of cutting routes has been determined as the best course of action. The reduction is seen as a way to keep the network intact, but with some route pairings getting fewer flights per week.

Ryanair further confirmed that its schedule changes will reduce traffic through the financial year compared to its original target of 205 million.

The major budget airline is communicating with Boeing to ensure it can deliver these aircraft at the right time. However, unfortunately, due to the ongoing investigations into the plane maker, there’s a lot of uncertainty about when the planes will be delivered.

Additionally, the airline has said it’s disappointed with the latest set of delays and their implications. While work will continue to ensure the delivery backlog can improve, Ryanair says customer inconvenience will be caused.

Ryanair also says that it believes that the senior management of Boeing has all the tools to navigate the temporary challenges and resolve all the production delays and quality issues across their plants.

Higher airfares will be offered to customers across the Summer 2024 season when navigating Airbus groundings. Ryanair says customers should book in advance to secure the best possible airfares.

Daniel Fowkes
02 Mar 2024
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