LOT Polish Airlines Adding E195-E2 To Fleet

Daniel Fowkes
09 May 2024
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LOT Polish Airlines is adding three new Embraer E195-E2 from its fleet thanks to a lease agreement with Azorra.

LOT Polish Airlines has announced plans to add three Embraer E195-E2 jets to its fleet as part of a new lease agreement.

After lengthy discussions, the carrier says the agreement was reached with leading aircraft leasing company Azorra. Deliveries for the three aircraft are expected to first occur in July, with a conclusion in the third quarter of 2023.

LOT Polish has focused on fleet expansion, and the addition of the E195-E2 is viewed as an optimal selection. LOT Polish targets operational flexibility alongside network expansion, and these jets are expected to offer 25% greater efficiency than previous-generation jets.

Additionally, focusing on the E195-E2 for fleet renewal allows for an easy transition between the existing E1 flight crews.

LOT is a pioneer airline, the global launch customer for the E-jets, and though 90 airlines have since operated the aircraft – the first is always special. LOT’s first move into the E2 is an important moment for Embraer. We’re celebrating LOT’s first E2s, the 20th anniversary of the E-jet program.

Arjan Meijer, President and CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation

LOT Polish was the launch customer of Embraer’s first E-jet back in March 2004. However, its relationship stretches further, with the ERJ145 delivered in 1999.

With its latest commitment to the next-generation Embraer jet, the company will reaffirm its commitment to the manufacturer.

Once delivered, LOT Polish Airlines E195-E2 jets will be configured to seat 136 passengers in a single-class layout. This is ten less than the maximum outlined by the manufacturer.

LOT says its fleet of 43 E-Jets makes it one of the largest operators of the type in Europe. The aircraft has helped fly over 60 million passengers and over 850 million kilometres.

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