JetBlue Loses Slots To Amsterdam Schiphol

Daniel Fowkes
03 Nov 2023
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A JetBlue Airbus A321-231 registered as N982JB Sporting the B6 New Livery

JetBlue’s worst fears of being removed from Amsterdam Schiphol following new slot regulators have come true.

It comes as new slot restrictions in the airport have left JetBlue without slots. These lack of slots is for Amsterdam in the busy summer 2024 season.

No More Slots For JetBlue

Per the slot coordinator, ACNL, airlines that do not have historic rights into Amsterdam Schiphol will now not be allocated slots for the summer 2024 season.

As a result, carriers such as JetBlue do not qualify for historic rights into the airport. This means they’ll not be allocated slots next year.

ACNL says that 3.1% fewer slots will be allocated to airlines even with historic rights as part of a significant overhaul.

What’s Happening At Amsterdam Schiphol

The Dutch government unveiled plans to cut flights from the primary airport, Amsterdam Schiphol.

A staggering 10% of flights in comparison to what was offered in 2019 will be cut from next year.

Interestingly, KLM, which calls Schiphol home, has continued to be outspoken about its disagreement over the ruling.

KLM believes this will negatively impact its growth plans and limit any room for expansion and meeting potential demand.

The Dutch government believe that the aviation industry brings a lot of good. However, for those living around the airport, the Transport minister believes there are also many negatives.

Flights will ultimately be capped at 452,000 per year to address noise pollution. This, amongst other, effects on the environment and struggles seen at the airport.

JetBlue In Disagreement Over New Rules

JetBlue believes removing its slots violates the US-EU Air Transport Agreement and has filed a complaint.

The airline also called for operations out of New York JFK from Air France-KLM to be banned.

This is a way to keep the industry in a fair landscape and not give other carriers an advantage when JetBlue is banned from these markets.

Ultimately, JetBlue’s Amsterdam service only began in the third quarter after being announced in April 2023.

The lack of slots is, therefore, a blow to its transatlantic network, which continued to build with more destinations and capacity increases.

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