Iran Purchases Four Airbus A340s


A total of four Airbus A340-300s that were initially bound for Uzbekistan after departing South Africa, as per authorities, were diverted to Iran. Civil Aviation Authorities of Iran have confirmed they have purchased the four-engined aircraft.

While details on the idea are scarce, it can confirm that the aircraft landed safely in Iran following the journey from South Africa.

Why would Iran be looking towards adding four of the Airbus A340s? First, sanctions. Iran is incapable of purchasing the aircraft traditionally. This stretches to even additional newly produced aircraft that’d help their fleet.

A fleet that, thanks to data, consists of relatively old aircraft.

Iran Air Fleet –

Airlines in Iran aren’t the only airlines globally facing a similar fate. Inside Russia, talk of stripping existing aircraft for parts and questions about the safety of the plane flying there.

These Airbus A340-300s were previously flown by Turkish Airlines before they were retired and placed in storage after a long life of operations.

Storage is where the four units have been for multiple years. This means the journey up towards Iran was their first flight in a considerable period.

Specifically, the four aircraft moved in the journey were MSN 115, 180, 270 and 331. While ferry flights exist, seeing four A340-300s travel simultaneously is not the most common occurrence.

While there were initial plans for Iran Air to welcome new aircraft, aircraft manufacturers didn’t follow through with these plans.

Sanctions have left all carriers within Iran struggling to source additional new planes to back up existing dated aircraft.

Daniel Fowkes
01 Jan 2023
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