Global Airlines Wants More Airbus A380s

Daniel Fowkes
18 Oct 2023
· Airlines 
A Global Airlines Airbus A380-800 parked in storage as the airline awaits its AOC and the launch of operations

At Routes World 2023, Global Airlines Chief Commerical Officer Richard Stephenson has outlined plans to acquire further Airbus A380s.

AirlineGeeks reporting Global Airlines wants more Airbus A380s

The Mission Of Global Airlines

Global Airlines is a British start-up hoping to launch scheduled passenger services in 2024 using a fleet exclusively of the Airbus A380.

Backed by James Asquith, the company’s Chief Executive, and now Richard Stephenson, the Chief Commercial Officer, the start-up has made headlines for its ambitious fleet and business plans.

Global Airlines wants to fly towards Los Angeles, New York, as part of its initial route map, with operations based at London Gatwick. However, the company says it has significant future ambition to begin flying to many more locations globally.

Current Fleet At Global Airlines

Thus far, Global Airlines has said it acquired four Airbus A380s, with one visibly present throughout the start-up’s journey.

The company hasn’t publicly explored other aircraft to power the start-up, instead sticking with the Airbus A380s taken second-hand.

Concerns Surrounding The Start-Up

Global Airlines has been confident that its business model is structurally sound and that they’ll have no problems filling their 500-seater aeroplane that the standard established carrier struggles to fill.

However, notable criticisms of the company outlined are often pushed to the side by the start-up. This includes concerns surrounding the aircraft and operation, with a general lack of understanding of the present challenges.

Present concerns include securing an AOC, slots into highly expensive and restrictive airports, configuring an aircraft that needs a significant cabin update and much more, such as a fundamental part of making money and filling its planes if it can even reach that stage.

A Hi Fly Partnership Announced

Last month, Global Airlines announced a partnership with Hi Fly to speed up its aircraft Entry Into Service.

Global wants to leverage Hi Fly’s experience with the Airbus A380 to its advantage. Although Hi Fly only operated one Airbus A380 across a short period, that ultimately ended in the company scrapping the plane.

Scrapping of the plane came about because the aircraft didn’t work with Hi Fly, the company Global Airlines is choosing to partner with.

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