Etihad Airways Announces Big Plans

Daniel Fowkes
17 Nov 2023
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An Etihad Airways Airbus A350 departing from Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airways is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary and, in doing so, has announced an ambitious plan to expand and become even more sustainable.

Looking Ahead For Etihad Airways

The airline is plotting growth across the next seven years in what is called Journey 2030.

Etihad Airways says that the strategy will mark a pivotal point in the airline’s long-term future, which has been through so much recently.

While targeting growth across all corners, the airline will also sustainably view growth with an increased focus on enhancing customer experiences.

Additionally, Etihad Airways wants to contribute to Abu Dhabi’s economy and bring considerable benefits.

The Middle Eastern carrier this month also moved into its new home of Terminal A. The company hopes to utilise this move as a springboard towards fantastic future growth across the network.

Diving Into The Ambitious Growth Plans

Etihad Airways says that under Journey 2030, it’ll look to extend its global footprint with new destinations, frequency increases and much more.

The company hopes to be flying towards over 125 destinations and leveraging its geographical positioning of Abu Dhabi and the Middle East to its advantage in connecting markets East and West.

Additionally, Etihad Airways wants to double its fleet to over 160 aircraft. This would represent the second significant fleet expansion planned in company history.

Ultimately, the first included the most significant aircraft order in company history, partly resulting in the airline losing billions and entering a thorough turnaround plan.

Thanks to the doubling of the fleet, a focus will be placed on short and medium haul destinations alongside new long-haul services to Europe and North America.

Etihad Airways plans to attract 10 million point-to-point travellers to the UAE capital by 2030. All this is part of offering substantial economic benefits through its services.

Comments From Executives

As we mark Etihad’s 20th anniversary, we are excited about what’s next. Journey 2030 is the guiding plan that propels Etihad into the future. Etihad has solidified its global presence and successfully navigated challenges. Now, with strong shareholder support and a strategic plan in place, the airline is poised for sustainable, profitable growth.

Etihad’s CEO Antonoaldo Neves

The Etihad Airways Fleet

Etihad operates a fleet of 85 in-service aircraft. Its most significant fleet type measured by active units is the 787-9.

The airline currently flies 30 787-9s. These work alongside 10 787-10s. This is the most significant variant of the 787 series now.

Etihad Airways also flies the next-generation Airbus A350-1000. Currently, the airline has five active units and the intention is to welcome more in the future.

Notably, the company marked the return of 3 Airbus A380s this year as part of a capacity ramp-up to London Heathrow from Abu Dhabi.

The carrier will continue to acquire next-generation widebodies from Airbus and Boeing, alongside plans to fly the A321neo series.

Struggles At Etihad In The Past

Etihad Airways experienced turmoil during the latter part of the 2010s, resulting in a major turnaround plan.

The company was left bleeding money following poor investment choices in the fleet alongside airlines that would collapse.

Following a successful restructuring, the airline has emerged leaner and more sustainable on its own, as also highlighted by Emirates.

Looking ahead to the next seven years, it believes it’s well-positioned to grow and solidify its position as an industry leader in the region.

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  1. Thanks for the Etihad updates. Etihad still has the most elegant livery of all liveries. There is so much opportunity missed on some boring or ugly liveries.

  2. Hope Etihad start flying to Fujairah the only Emirates on
    Arabian Sea (Gulf of Oman)Outside Arabian Fujairah with its uniquevgeographical position serve as so important airport serving growth of Etihad program for next 7 years.

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