Emirates To Buy 2 Airbus A380s

Daniel Fowkes
13 Oct 2023
· Aircraft 
An Emirates Airbus A380-800 registered as A6-EDT

Emirates will buy two Airbus A380s following an agreement by Doric Nimrod Air Two to sell the units.

The Aircraft In Question

Emirates will buy MSN 077 and MSN 090 at the end of their respective lease agreements, which are in place for 14 October and 2 December.

These Airbus A380s are registered as A6-EDP and A6-EDT. It is notably not the first time the Dubai-based carrier has entered into a similar agreement following the conclusion of a prior agreement.

A combined total for the assets will be USD 70 million, therefore being USD 35 million each.

Doric Nimrod Air Two purchased the two aircraft in 2011, and they’ve since been operating with Emirates.

The Remaining Portfolio At Doric Nimrod Air Two

While these two Airbus A380s that were initially part of the Doric Nimrod Two’s portfolio will be purchased by Emirates, there’ll still be five remaining A380s owned.

The leases, as quoted by the company for these five units, expire in the fourth quarter of 2024, and Emirates’ stance and intentions will determine their long-term future.

What’s The Purpose Of Doric Nimrod Air Two?

Doric Nimrod Air Two is a Guernsey company established in January 2011.

Since its launch, it has maintained a core investment objective. This is to obtain income and capital returns for shareholders by acquiring, leasing and selling aircraft.

Seven Airbus A380s were secured, all deployed towards Emirates on long-term leases. Now, two will be bought by Emirates after their lease.

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