easyJet Orders 157 More A320neo Family Aircraft

easyJet has announced an order for 157 Airbus A320neo family aircraft with the A320neo and A321neo included as part of growth and future fleet replacement efforts.

easyJet has continued with a commitment to grow its fleet by securing a firm order for 157 more A320neo family jets.

A firm order aligns with the airline’s plans to grow as a company and fends off competition from other competitors.

Ryanair and Wizz Air threaten easyJets’ market share, and both companies want to expand aggressively.

Breaking Down The New Deal

Confirmation of a firm order will see 56 A320neo jets ordered. However, the bulk will be for the best-selling A321neo. 101 A321neos from the leading European low-cost carrier have been included in this order.

The A321neo has been Airbus’ best-selling aircraft and has secured hundreds of orders from leading airlines worldwide in the past week alone.

As part of the 101 Airbus A321neos ordered, easyJet says the agreement includes up-gauging 35 A320neos to the larger model.

Overall, such a deal is part of broader efforts to continue building an extraordinarily efficient and large fleet to serve missions across an expansive route network.

The Current easyJet Fleet

easyJet, per data, has a fleet of 158 in-service aircraft spread across the A320 family. This also includes 13 aircraft listed as parked.

The airline’s most significant aircraft family, measured by active units, comes from the A320 series. easyJet has 70 A320-200s in-service and is part of the next-generation 36 A320neos operational.

A commitment to the next era of flying extends through a relatively small A321neo operation at this stage. Data indicates just 9 units remain in service, with one listed as parked. easyJet’s A321neos average age is just 4.5 years.

easyJet’s smallest aircraft type is the A319-100, with 43 in-service and 4 units parked. These A319s are also subsequently the oldest when measured by active age, with these averaging 15.4 years.

The fleet is expected to grow expeditiously with the arrival of more next-generation Airbus aircraft. As a result, the airline will see its total fleet increase. However, there’ll also be a focus on removing several aircraft types from the previous generation.

Comments From Executives

We are very pleased to be able to confirm this significant order which not only enables easyJet to replace its older aircraft with more efficient aircraft, a core component of our net zero roadmap, but also provides us ability for disciplined growth, including the significant opportunity that upgauging brings. With this order easyJet will be able to continue to cement its leading position at Europe’s primary airports and so we look forward to working in partnership with Airbus in the years to come.

Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet

Airbus is delighted to be accompanying easyJet in its fleet growth and renewal. Its Airbus fleet allows easyJet to differentiate its offering in its competitive market with the most state-of-the-art, modern and comfortable aircraft. easyJet and Airbus both are strong advocates for the aviation sector to de-carbonise. This significant investment into the most fuel efficient and SAF-capable aircraft is a testimony to our joint commitment in this respect. Bravo easyJet, and thank you!

Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International at Airbus.
Daniel Fowkes
20 Dec 2023
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