Boeing Reports Another Low Month Of Orders & Deliveries

Daniel Fowkes
15 May 2024
· Aircraft 
A Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

Boeing has reported its orders and deliveries for April 2024, which represents another low month for the manufacturer, which has continued to face adversity.

During the calendar month, the plane maker said it delivered only 24 aircraft to customers worldwide. This lower delivery rate follows a persistent focus on its production practices and the FAA’s barring of production increases for its jets.

The 737 MAX is currently the focus of attention. It is Boeing’s best-selling jet and accounts for most of the existing backlog. The FAA wants to ensure Boeing changes its culture and internal practices before allowing production to increase.

As Boeing faces significant oversight, it can also not naturally produce planes at the best rate it’s restricted to. Thanks to this, production rates across March and April were said to have dropped further in response to ongoing audits.

Per the latest delivery figures, Boeing has only been able to deliver 107 aircraft to customers. Not only is this down year over year, but it’s just over half of what Airbus has achieved. Competitor Airbus says it’s delivered 203 aircraft across the first four months of the year and is targeting 800 deliveries across its commercial aircraft program in 2024.

Frustrations from Boeing customers are continuing to mount as the manufacturer deals with the associated pressures of being unable to deliver jets on time. Airlines such as Lufthansa are now publicly voicing their frustrations, saying the delays are costing them significant amounts of money.

A Month Of Cancellations

Ultimately, April was met with substantial cancellations for Boeing as Lynx Air, a now collapsed Canadian carrier, shipped off remaining aircraft orders.

Lynx Air was an all-Boeing operator and intended to take more 737 MAX jets. However, when the airline collapsed, its commitment to Boeing jets was thrown into a cloud of unknowns.

Lynx Air was a former Canadian carrier that operated exclusively with the Boeing 737 MAX series – Photo: Lynx Air.

Per Boeing’s latest report, the former Canadian airline cancelled 29 of the remaining 737 MAX jets. This airline, which shut in February, could offload these aircraft scheduled for delivery.

However, across the month, total cancellations came in at 33 jets; thus, four more aircraft were cancelled across April on top of the 29 from Lynx Air.

Aircraft Orders Across April

Seven gross orders were recorded in April, and net orders, factoring in cancellations and conversations, have totalled 100 since the beginning of 2024.

As part of the orders, ANA ordered two additional Boeing 777X jets, bringing its total order tally to 22 units. El Al Israel Airlines was also listed as a customer for 3 787-9s. Undisclosed customers took on a further 2 787-10s.

While Boeing has experienced many low points during the 2024 calendar year, the 777X programme has been a success story over the last 12 months, with significant interest and purchases from several customers.

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