Lynx Air Terminates 737 MAX Deal With Boeing

Former Canadian carrier Lynx Air has terminated its remaining 737 MAX orders with Boeing following its shutdown in February.

According to new court rulings and reports by Flightglobal, Lynx Air, a former Canadian airline, agreed with Boeing to terminate its remaining contract.

As part of the previously agreed contract, the 737 MAX was expected to be a cornerstone of Lynx Air’s future. However, due to several pressures, the company collapsed in February 2024.

Such a contract reportedly included 40 aircraft with the lease of further units. Only a tiny percentage of these aircraft were ever delivered to Lynx Air.

Ultimately, the Canadian company only had a brief time in the industry and, therefore, could not acquire the entirety of its order—legal proceedings needed to be followed to determine the fate of these aircraft types.

In some instances, such contractual changes can cause significant turbulence, with potentially not all parties coming to a middle ground of acceptance. In the case of Lynx Air, however, and alongside Boeing, the termination was fair.

Additionally, it was important for Lynx Air to consider the company’s shutdown and ensure that a deal aligned with the ambition to make these proceedings as easy as possible.

The Collapse Of Lynx Air

Lynx Air formally ceased its flying schedule following the arrival of its last flight on Sunday, February 25, 2024. This decision came as Lynx said it was unable to secure crucial investments to sustain its long-term operations and enable future growth.

From its conception, the airline battled with competition and other factors that meant its place within the industry, especially that of the Canadian sector, wasn’t always guaranteed.

As time progressed, pressures began to mount to an uncontrollable level, and with the general inability to secure funding, there was no possible means of continuing to fly into the future.

Ultimately, with the failed tie-up of Flair and Lynx, which was rumoured to have occurred the same week Lynx announced its shutdown, it seemed there was no other alternative for Lynx to cease operations.

At its point of closure Lynx Air left with one of the youngest fleets in North America and this extends to the world with Boeing 737 MAX jets. The MAX was intended to be the primary aircraft of use, with more units being delivered as time progressed. These plans, however, were not able to be achieved.

Daniel Fowkes
30 Mar 2024
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