Boeing’s Delivers 480 Aircraft In 2022


Boeing has announced its fourth-quarter deliveries for 2022. The manufacturer hoped to close the year off with a high, following another trying year that presented unique challenges.

The aircraft manufacturer reported 152 total deliveries for Q4. Bringing the year total to 480. For the quarter Boeing’s 737 program carried the bulk of deliveries with 110, while there were 2 747s deliveries, 12 for the 767 freighters, 6 777s and 22 787s.

Major program deliveries for Q4 and 2022 at Boeing

Boeing has been aided by the triumphant return of the 737 MAX and 787. Both aircraft spent a lengthy period on the sidelines for various reasons. However, in late 2022 Boeing secured the approval to resume deliveries of the 787 and has since been working through a backlog.

Meanwhile, on the smaller side, Boeing has been busy with its 737 MAX, consistently delivering the aircraft. This is thanks to the safe re-entry into service in recent years and a strong return regarding demand.

Boeing has been aided thanks to the return of the 737 MAX

In 2021 Boeing only delivered 340 aircraft, and 99 came in the 4th quarter. A jump there of 100+ aircraft for the year 2022 and 50 for the last quarter.

It is expected on the 25th of January, 2023 that, Boeing will provide a detailed fourth-quarter financial result.

Boeing will continue to look to improve its delivery tally for the coming year. While also working to navigate problems faced on its supply chain caused through various reasons, notably the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Daniel Fowkes
11 Jan 2023
· Analysis 

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