Air India To Fly Airbus A350 To Dubai

Daniel Fowkes
17 Apr 2024
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Air India will send its Airbus A350 to Dubai, acting as the first international destination for the aircraft as the airline enters a new era.

Air India is continuously pushing into its new era with the Airbus A350 at the forefront; now, the carrier is preparing to debut the aircraft on international services.

Dubai has been selected as the first international route to be served by the latest addition to the fleet, the A350-900, which will be deployed on May 1, 2024, per Live From A Lounge.

Operating between Delhi and Dubai, departure will occur at 2045, with an arrival into Dubai at 2245. While a first location, the expectation is that with more A350s delivered and more familiarisation, the aircraft will be deployed to more markets.

Important Domestic Flights First

Before most new aircraft, especially a new series type, can operate the intended purpose outlined when ordered, they’ll conduct crew familiarisation flights.

The first few units from the A350 at Air India, which were put into commercial service in the first two months of the year, have been strictly used for domestic operations.

Chennai, Mumbai, and Bengaluru were notable inclusions, among other cities. Whether a widebody or a new regional aircraft, these familiarisation flights allow cabin crew, pilots, and even ground staff to acclimate to a new aircraft.

Over a few months, the familiarisation period allows staff to iron out any confusion with the aircraft and build a formal routine. After the familiarisation, the aircraft will be deployed on their initially designated short, medium, or long-haul routes.

A New Era For Air India

The Airbus A350 is one of the first true steps in the new era trying to be undertaken at Air India as the company attempts to turn around its fortunes following substantial investments.

Air India’s A350 sports a revised livery, updated cabins, and all the latest features meant to elevate the carrier’s flying experience. The flying experience has been heavily critiqued for decades, leaving the brand image in the gutter.

While significant investments come thanks to the takeover from Tata, the airline still has an uphill battle to turn around its fortunes. The significant investment in the product is just one of the many initiatives being undertaken to improve.

By the end of the turnaround, Air India aims to be a leading airline that appeals to Western customers, inspires the people of India, and is largely a recognised and applauded brand.

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