Aeroflot Buys 10 Boeing 777s


Russia’s Aeroflot, currently battling sanctions, has purchased 10 Boeing 777s from Avolon. An Irish lessor that has ten stranded 777s.

Aeroflot is attempting to rebuild not only its network but also its business following the conflict in Ukraine emerging and sanctions being imposed on the airline. Barring it from operating normally and flying on most of its services, it flew pre-2022.

This is not Aeroflot’s first attempt at acquiring additional aircraft, with in 2022 attempts to secure further A330s. Eight total A330s were purchased from foreign lessors.

Aeroflot acquired 8 Airbus A330s in 2022 on similar terms – Richard Vandervord

Aeroflot will continue to work on further implementation of transactions for the purchase of aircraft in order to maintain the current fleet of foreign-made aircraft in its own operation and expand the possibility of their operation. This approach also confirms the reliability of Aeroflot as a counterparty that responsibly fulfills its contractual obligations

Aeroflot Statement

The statement was released via TASS, a Russian news agency. These Boeing 777s will eventually join the fleet, which already consists of Boeing 777-300ERs.

2023 will be necessary for Aeroflot as they look to regain a footprint in the industry and hope to navigate or see sanctions ease resulting in airspace reopening and their network expanding.

However, this is easier said than done and will significantly determine the developments of the conflict in Ukraine.

Daniel Fowkes
04 Jan 2023
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  1. Yes; but given the sacntions:
    – How will they pay for those airplanes?
    – Where will they fly? those are quite large airplanes not sure demand to travel to Russia will surge in the short/medium term.
    – Hadnt they defaulted on leases? are they going to buy the planes they already have?
    – Shouldnt they be more focused on parts/services for current fleet?

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