Lufthansa Eyes New Aircraft Order

A Lufthansa Airbus A320-271N

Lufthansa is reportedly eyeing the purchase of 80 new short-haul aircraft to be deployed across its network.

Breaking Down The Interest And Reports

As stated in the financial earnings call for the third quarter, Lufthansa Group’s Carsten Sphor, the Chief Executive, unveiled the intent.

Two separate campaigns have been launched towards aircraft manufacturers to put forward their best aircraft for future consideration and order.

The first campaign revolves around a 40-unit order towards either E-Jets from Embraer or the Airbus A220.

Lufthansa then adds that the second campaign will be equally for 40 units from either the A320neo or 737 MAX family.

Each campaign will, once completed, serve a different purpose for the Lufthansa Group and is deemed to be critical for long-term growth.

The Debut Of City Airlines In 2024

The first campaign, which includes the addition of either Embraer E-Jets or Airbus A220s, isn’t a new development.

Lufthansa will deploy either aircraft once selected towards its new subsidiary, City Airlines.

City Airlines is scheduled to begin operating next year. Once launched, it’ll act as a feeder airline for traffic into key Lufthansa hubs of Frankfurt and Munich.

During the unveiling of City Airlines, it was confirmed that Lufthansa was in talks for the A220 or E-Jet.

A320neo Or 737 MAX To Be Deployed Across Group

While the first campaign will strictly focus on the aircraft being deployed to City Airlines, the expectation will adjust for the second campaign.

The Group Chief Executive says the neo/max order, once confirmed, would likely see the aircraft spread out across their subsidiaries.

Interestingly, across the group, the preference for narrowbody flying has primarily been on the Airbus A320neo family.

However, the point of requests for proposals to Airbus and Boeing is to see the best deals, delivery timeframes, and more looking ahead.

Lufthansa, however, says that the result of the campaign may see more diversification across the group’s fleet. This would, therefore, largely leave the door open for the 737 MAX to have an equal chance at the deal.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Nov 2023
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