Lufthansa Announces City Airlines To Launch In 2024

Rendering of a City Airlines Airbus A319 from the Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa Group’s upcoming subsidiary, City Airlines, looks to begin operations in Summer 2024 thanks to new developments.

City Airlines Plan For Launch

City Airlines will look to begin operations in the Summer of 2024 as a short-haul feeder airline.

The company will focus primarily on bringing travellers into key Frankfurt and Munich Lufthansa hubs.

Airbus A319s will initially be deployed across the network as part of the launch plans. An aircraft type the Lufthansa Group is already more than familiar with.

However, City Airlines and the broader Lufthansa Group will elevate Airbus and Embraer aircraft for future use.

This could include adding the Airbus A220 if deemed suitable for the targeted route network.

As part of plans for launch, Lufthansa Group says that work to hire an employee base will begin momentarily, too, with the hunt for skillful crew and pilots.

The belief is that Munich and Frankfurt as hubs need to be strengthened. As a result, City Airlines wants to target recruitment for the long term and become a fundamental mainstay in the region.

What Is City Airlines?

Lufthansa Group announced the birth of City Airlines to bolster Lufthansa’s presence in Frankfurt and Munich, two critical hubs for the German airline.

Through City Airlines, the mission was to funnel passengers into these two major cities and onwards to long-haul services.

The expectation is that the offering on City Airlines will be very similar to the customer service levels on mainline Lufthansa, which means this won’t be low-cost.

Gearing Up For A Launch

Regarding distinguishing City Airlines from Lufthansa, it’ll primarily be the same, with renderings showcasing only a minor detail change to the Lufthansa livery.

The core title will have ‘City’ added to the end of Lufthansa to represent City Airlines.

A rendering of a City Airlines Airbus A319

City Airlines already has its required Air Operators Certificate, a necessary step in the long process for launch.

Daniel Fowkes
26 Oct 2023
· Airlines 

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