Joe Sutter Decal Applied To Last Boeing 747

Daniel Fowkes
14 Jan 2023
· Aircraft 

Confirming reporting by Leeham News and Analysis, a Joe Sutter decal has been applied to the final Boeing 747.

The aircraft, N863GT, sports ‘Joe Sutter, Forever Incredible’ text, an illustration of Joe and a replica of RA0001. Joe Sutter’s illustration is towards the back of the RA0001 graphic. The decal is small in size, greyed out and located below the aircraft name titles or just below the cockpit.

(Due to confidentially, a picture cannot be shared at this time until officially broadcasted).

RA001 is the world’s first Boeing 747 and first flew in February 1969. The aircraft was created thanks to Joe Sutter and his Incredibles team. A team that defied the odds to make the project happen. Boeing will celebrate Joe Sutter, his life and the program in a few weeks with the last 747 delivery.

RA001 the first Boeing 747. – Source Boeing

N863GT rolled out of the paint shop in Portland earlier this week to a sea of controversy. Instead of painting the aircraft in a unique scheme, Atlas Air painted it in their standard livery.

One side of the aircraft features ‘Apex Logistics’ titles, a company that Kuehne+Nagel acquired. Brought on by Atlas Air signing a deal with Kuehne+Nagel for two 747-8Fs. A deal that means the latter exclusively charters the freight capacity. The two units destined for Kuehne+Nagel are the penultimate and last 747s.

The plane will also undergo a load test in preparation for delivery, with Atlas Air officials in attendance today.

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  1. I wish the very last Boeing 747 ever built should have been painted on the original livery of the very first Boeing 747

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  4. It’s an AMAZING AIRPLANE It Changed The WORLD! I Was only 6 When We First Flew the
    Pacific Ocean,To Japan, in 1970,After dozens of trips on Continental Trailways Buses,To A Child, This Was,”A Giant Bus In The Sky!”,The Design of the of Plane Gave it A BEAUTY & GRACE, That’s Un-MATCHED,To This Day !!!
    I Wish They Would Do As The U.S.A.F. Has done with The B-52,or “Buff” as it Known,
    And KEEP Them Flying For 70 + years!!!
    I Do Miss The T.W.A. & PanAm 747s

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