Last Boeing 747 Delivery Date Revealed

Daniel Fowkes
26 Jan 2023
· Aircraft 

The 1,574th manufactured Boeing 747, and also the last will be delivered to Atlas Air on the 31st of January at 4 pm EST (1 pm PST).

The delivery will not be open to the public. However, it will be available through a webcast.

The Boeing 747 has enjoyed 55 years of production and is affectionately known as the Queen of the skies. Boeing has celebrated the 747s life with the hashtag #ThankYou747 being shared across platforms. This offers the opportunity for enthusiasts, travellers and the general public to share their fondest moments about the aircraft.

The final aircraft was rolled out of the production facility in December. Following its first flight, it was transferred to Portland, where it was painted.

Now the aircraft has returned to Everett where a Joe Sutter, forever incredible decal was applied. Following, final tests have taken place, prepping the aircraft for delivery.

Joe Sutter, Forever Incredible.

Boeing will celebrate the life of Joe Sutter and more that made the series possible in Seattle next week.

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