Boeing Delivers Final 747


Boeing is saying goodbye to its 747 after more than half a century of continuous production today. Instead, the aircraft manufacturer will deliver its final unit to Atlas Air.

The aircraft first rolled out in December 2022. After, it completed its first flight before heading to Portland for painting. The plane emerged in an Atlas Air / Apex Logistics hybrid livery. Upon returning to Seattle, a Joe Sutter decal was applied to the front of the aircraft.

A Joe Sutter decal was applied to the final Boeing 747.

The Boeing 747 has existed in many iterations over the years. However, it will ultimately be the freight variant that lasts the longest. Without Joe Sutter and his team’s thinking, the 747 may not have lasted as long as it has. The Incredibles believed the aircraft needed the ability to be a freighter to ensure its long-term survival. Now, in 2023 the final aircraft to be delivered in the series is a 747-8F.

Boeing is celebrating Joe Sutter, The Incredibles, the company and the life of the 747 today and tomorrow in Seattle, with former employees, media and much more all attending .

The delivery ceremony will be streamed to the aviation community. It will mark the end of an area for the plane maker and the end of the line for a series that changed aviation forever.

Daniel Fowkes
01 Feb 2023
· Aircraft 

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  1. I’d add that the celebrations took place in Everett, and that they are adding a new 737 MAX production line in Everett in place of the 747, per the Seattle Times.

  2. My god she is the most beautiful large aircraft ever built, she is wonderful to fly on and she will fly on for many years yet…..she will always be the Queen ❤️

  3. It will be even sadder when the last 747 is retired from service though, thankfully that day is still a long way away and the 747 will still fly well into the 2040s and 2050s.

  4. It was wonderful to see that you made it to the celebration. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Washington

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