Final Boeing 747 Livery Revealed…


Boeing’s final 747 has emerged from the paint shop in Portland with an underwhelming livery.

The final Boeing 747 is registered as N863GT and rolled out of the assembly hall at the beginning of December 2022.

The aircraft then completed its first flight before it flew to Portland on the 21st of December. Where since it has been in for painting.

Atlas Air will be the recipient of the final Boeing 747. Also, welcoming the penultimate 747, delivered to Kuehne+Nagal as part of a two-aircraft deal. A long-term charter agreement with Atlas Air.

Kuehne+Nagel 747-8F departing.

N863GT sports an Apex Logistics decal towards the front of the plane. This features only one side of the aircraft. The other is occupied with standard Atlas Air titles.

No decal highlights the 747s history that this is the last 747, or Joe Sutter as rumoured. There is, however, room to add something later in preparation for delivery. However, any rumours of a retro-style livery replicating RA001 have dropped to 0.

UPDATE: Leeham News & Analysis reports a decal will be added once the aircraft is back at Paine Field.

Interestingly enough, however, Kuehne+Nagel announced the acquisition of Apex International Corporation (Apex Logistics) on the 12th of May 2021. An acquisition that enhanced both companies’ offerings to customers in the region.

The 747, destined for delivery in the next few weeks, will now head back to its temporary home in Seattle, where it’ll be prepped for delivery. Atlas Air will examine the plane, and final tests take place.

January will be a month to celebrate the 747s achievements in the industry as Boeing plans an event. Boeing film and media crews were on hand in Portland to capture the rollout of the last aircraft with its full livery.

Photos – Keith Miller

Daniel Fowkes
10 Jan 2023
· Aircraft 

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  1. This could not have been more underwhelming, not even a livery to pay tribute to the airline?

    1. Post

      It’s very, very disappointing. Given the buzz around this being the final one and the significant importance, I’m shocked something wasn’t done—a hugely missed opportunity.

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