Etihad Airways Brings Airbus A380 Back

Etihad Airways, an airline that grounded its Airbus A380s during the pandemic, has officially repatriated its first aircraft from long-term storage. This is as the airline prepares for its re-entry into service.

The aircraft, A6-APG, had been in storage for numerous years as Etihad Airways mulled its reactivation or retirement plans. However, towards the end of 2022, the airline announced that it would initially return four of its Airbus A380s to service for the summer 2023 season.

These aircraft will be deployed to important London Heathrow. A market the airline enjoys great success with.

Etihad Airways joined a host of other airlines in the past year and announced they’ll reactivate the world’s largest passenger plane. This includes notably Lufthansa and Qantas.

Etihad Airways experienced financial difficulties during the pandemic’s peak, and removing the A380 was an immediate response to navigate some of the pressures.



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