Emirates Eyes Massive Widebody Order

Widebody orders continue to come in thick and fast as airlines plan what future decades will look like.

On the sidelines of the IATA AGM, Emirates has revealed it’s currently plotting a new significant order for widebody aircraft with either Airbus or Boeing jets up for grabs.

A deal could consist of 150 units and therefore play a fundamental role in shaping Emirates’ fleet through to 2050.

Tim Clark, the president of Emirates, said they wanted to continue expanding their aircraft portfolio, and a new commitment would be the best way to do so.

The group, however, has been left frustrated in recent years thanks to delayed deliveries and problems incurred in certifying types they have orders for; this notably includes the 777X, which has been delayed five years already.

Currently, it operates just two aircraft families, the A380 and 777 but will soon add the A350, 777X and 787 to that in what’ll be a significant shift to what is perceived as normal for the group.

As for which direction Emirates heads for such a deal remains to be seen. However, the contract that’s up for grabs is undoubtedly highly valuable and one that Airbus and Boeing will fight for.

Whichever direction Emirates goes won’t be new as they have orders in place for essentially all next-generation widebody aircraft types.



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