Emirates Announces Huge Boeing 777X & 787 Order

A Boeing 777X aircraft on aerial display at the Dubai Airshow

Emirates has announced a massive deal with Boeing for new aircraft to power the next era of its operations.

Breaking Down The Order

Emirates has committed to 90 Boeing 777Xs to reaffirm its position as the type’s most significant customer thus far.

A deal comprises of 55 777-9s and 35 777-8s. Emirates’ overall contract solidifies its relationship with Boeing as a critical provider of the future fleet for the company.

The Boeing 777-9s, as part of this deal, are expected to enter service from 2025 onwards. This is currently the year Boeing targets an EIS following lengthy certification delays.

Meanwhile, the 777-8 deliveries are expected to commence from 2030 onwards, with this variant yet to be produced as Boeing’s attention sits on the 777-9.

Away from the 777X, Boeing has also committed to 35 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. As part of a deal with the Dreamliner, the airline will acquire 15 787-10s and 20 787-8s.

This deal also sees the Boeing 787-10 return to the airline’s orderbook. This variant was subject to Emirates’ rigorous fleet review over recent years that saw future fleet types axed and adjusted.

Emirates says it’s converting 30 787-9s to 20 787-8s and 10 787-10s as part of the continued order adjustments seen at the company.

A Much Needed Relief For The Boeing 777X

For Boeing, the 90 777X orders are hugely crucial for boosting their program, which has largely struggled to attract firm interest from customers.

While the plane maker has enjoyed success through the launch of the 777-8F, the passenger variants have lagged as companies have remained hesitant.

Despite a commitment from Emirates being a solid one, Boeing will want to work towards diversifying its portfolio of customers for the 777X in the long term. For now, though, they’ll celebrate the deal worth tens of billions at list price value.

Comments From Executives

Emirates is the biggest operator of Boeing 777 aircraft, and today’s order cements that position. We’ve been closely involved in the 777 program since its start up until this latest generation of 777X aircraft. The 777 has been central to Emirates’ fleet and network strategy of connecting cities on all continents non-stop to Dubai. We are pleased to extend our relationship with Boeing and look forward to the first 777-9 joining our fleet in 2025.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline and Group

This order is an incredible vote of confidence in Boeing’s highly efficient widebody family and the versatility of our 777X and 787 airplanes to meet Emirates’ needs for global long-haul travel. The 777-9 and 777-8 are the perfect airplanes to support Emirates’ growth, improving environmental performance and unmatched payload capability along the way.

Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The Emirates Fleet

Emirates’ fleet currently consists of only two aircraft families, the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380.

Per Cirium, 243 aircraft remain in service, with 26 units currently in storage. However, in the coming decades, this will change drastically.

Emirates will move from operating the 777 and A380 to operating the 777X, 787 and A350 as part of its future fleet.

The Dubai-based carrier cites these opportunities with the aircraft to serve new and existing markets as a critical reason why orders have been made.

While the airline has committed to the A380 until the early stages of 2040, the company will also need aircraft to replace these units.

Emirates’ Rocky 777X Relationship

Emirates’ relationship with Boeing has been anything but smooth in recent years as pressures felt around the program have impacted the company.

President Sir Tim Clark has often voiced concerns over the continued delays in the 777X program and the implications on the airline and its long-term planning.

Daniel Fowkes
13 Nov 2023
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  1. I don’t particularly care what anyone may state about the versatility of the Boeing 777 or the 787 Dreamliner.
    I have flown with Emirates on at least 7 occasions, once on a 777 300er, and 6 times on the A380.
    The A380 in my mind is the most superb aircraft that was ever manufactured, and should never have been scrapped, Boeing will never ever produce an aircraft with the capability that the A380 has. The A380 is a world leader.

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