Condor Airbus A330neo Damaged In Frankfurt

Daniel Fowkes
30 Sep 2023
· Aircraft 
Condor Airbus A330-900 wearing the blue stripe livery

A Condor Airbus A330-900 was damaged while parked at Frankfurt Airport after a vehicle hit the aircraft.

The A330-900, registered as D-ANRB, was built in 2020 but was only delivered to the company recently. It currently adorns the blue striped livery, part of Condor’s major rebrand and revolutionised how its aircraft were painted.

This A330neo was parked at the gate and thus was not filled with any passengers when the incident occurred.

A massive tear in the aircraft’s fuselage can be seen through imagery of the A330-900 following a high-loading vehicle hitting the plane while parked.

Following this collision, Condor will now need to assess the damage with experts on the site to determine the best course of action.

Ground vehicles colliding into aircraft, given the rate of aircraft-to-ground movements around the globe daily is low.

However, when it does occur, it can have a varying degree of damage on the relative plane. In this case, the A330neo has undoubtedly been substantially impacted, with imagery highlighting the vehicle’s positioning inside the aircraft tearing right through.

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