Boeing To Hire 10,000 People In 2023


Off the back of Airbus’ plans to hire more than 13,000 people in 2023, Boeing has announced it expects to hire 10,000.

While growing jobs in some areas, Boeing has also said it will reduce them in other areas. This is because the manufacturer intends to align its resources better to support the further development of programs and the broader company.

Boeing employs over 150,000 globally, with more than 130,000 coming directly from the United States! However, as production is ramped up across the various aircraft programs, Boeing believes it will need additional support.

This follows the plane maker outlining its goals for 2023, which included over 400 737 MAX deliveries compared to the smaller 374 deliveries recorded for 2022.

Boeing had a challenging pandemic as it cut staff widely across the board. A commitment to hiring an additional 10,000 workers in 2023 is another step in rebuilding its workforce.

One of the biggest problems the industry has faced over the last 12 months has been severe labour shortages. For Boeing, however, in this case, they believe training is the biggest constraint given the qualifications required to work at such a company typically.

The industry has changed drastically over recent years and has become less attractive to the wider public, with airlines, airports and other aviation companies scrambling to get people back.

Daniel Fowkes
30 Jan 2023
· Aircraft 

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  1. Employees who feel valued at work are often happier, more productive and less likely to look for other employment opportunities. Using employees as pawns to manipulate profits and company value doesn’t leave employees feeling valued and is eventually seen by outsiders as a place to stay clear of. What we see here is bad management and failure of business policy. Just my opinion.

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