Airbus To Hire 13,000+ New Staff


Airbus has announced plans to go on a recruiting spree of more than 13,000 people. A decision to bring in new people globally comes as they look to ramp up their commercial aircraft programs. In addition, the manufacturer has placed importance on its other vital programs such as defence, helicopters and space.

In 2022, Airbus saw more than 13,000 new employees and will look to replicate similar numbers for this calendar year. Airbus notes that a significant emphasis will be placed on those with technical and manufacturing expertise for the roles offered.

Manufacturers are set to be against it again this year with supply chain issues, shortages and more. These challenges have resulted in manufacturers such as Airbus missing targets and coming under criticism.

Of the 13,000 new employees, Airbus says 9,000 will be located within Europe at its various facilities, while the remaining 4,000 will be based worldwide. Interestingly enough, 7,000 jobs the company plans to add will be jobs that are newly created.

The Airbus family is mammoth, with a team of more than 130,000 worldwide. Therefore, consistently recruiting, filling new roles, and more are all essential to navigate the industry’s current climate.

Airbus further added that the new employees would also play a fundamental role in their targets of being more sustainable and their decarbonisation roadmap that’s been put in place.

Daniel Fowkes
28 Jan 2023
· Aircraft 

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  1. I would like to know some of the emplyment opportunities you have for people leaving outside Europe

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