Airbus Delivers Only 20 Aircraft In January

Airbus has announced its orders and deliveries for the first month of the calendar year.

The European aircraft manufacturer reported only 20 deliveries for the month-long period. This is in comparison to 30 for January 2022. On top of the 20 deliveries, the airline said it secured 36 orders for aircraft.

Delta firmed up 12 options for the A220-300. Meanwhile, there were undisclosed orders for the A320neo and A321neo. Uzbekistan Airways announced an order for eight A320neos and four A321neos. Furthermore, there was a lone commitment from DAE capital for the A320neo.

On the topic of deliveries, the manufacturer delivered aircraft to Virgin Atlantic and Starlux, both making headlines for the nature of the delivery. For Virgin Atlantic, they named their A330neo after the former Queen of England. Meanwhile, Starlux looks to grow its widebody fleet of aircraft.

Airbus has set ambitious targets for deliveries for 2023. However, they’ll be battling supply chains and much more to achieve these goals. With delayed deliveries and pressures, Airbus executives have warned that the tough times will continue through 2023.


  1. That’s down a quite a bit, Airbus will get it up soon as they have a large backlog. Most likely down to supply chain difficulties.


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