WestJet Announces New Expansion

Daniel Fowkes
08 Nov 2023
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A WestJet Boeing 737 MAX flying in the air

WestJet has announced plans to enhance global connectivity from Edmonton by releasing new flights.

Expansion Towards The United States

Transborder connections are the focus of the newest expansion efforts from Edmonton.

The airline believes that the commencement of new routes in 2024 from Edmonton demonstrates the ongoing solid commitment to the city.

Additionally, it builds upon the previous service announcements to Minneapolis and Seattle during the 2023 summer season.

Through an existing partnership with Delta, guests connecting through the newly announced Atlanta route can access the airline’s massive U.S. network.

The New Routes Announced From Edmonton

Edmonton to Atlanta will launch on April 29, 2024, with a daily service. WestJet says the flight will leave at 0045 and arrive at Atlanta at 0706. After two hours on the ground, the return leg will leave Atlanta at 0905 before returning to Edmonton at 1150.

San Francisco will be added to the route network from Edmonton on June 20, 2024, with a 5x weekly service. WestJet’s aircraft will depart Edmonton at 1130 before settling in San Francisco at 1332. The return flight will leave SFO at 1425 and touch down in Edmonton at 1825.

Lastly, Edmonton to Nashville will launch on May 2, 2024, with a twice-weekly connection. The flight departs Edmonton at 0935 before arriving in Nashville at 1424. The return flight leaves one hour later at 1515 and returns to Edmonton at 1829.

Comments From Executives

It is a privilege to be back in my hometown, as we celebrate the next chapter in our prioritization of Edmonton through our market-leading investments that promise to generate meaningful tourism and business opportunities through strategic air connectivity. We are proud to be the undisputed, leading carrier within the province that WestJet has called home for more than 27 years. We are confident that these three new transborder connections will be popular amongst Edmonton residents while propelling the city’s visitor economy to new heights.

Angela Avery, WestJet Group, Executive Vice-President and Chief People, Corporate and Sustainability Officer.

Working with our partners to offer more flights to more places is both our purpose and our promise. WestJet’s new non-stop service to Atlanta offers a brand-new destination for the Edmonton Region. Together with the additions of other North American destinations and frequencies, these routes will continue to allow our business sector and visitor economy to grow, while showcasing the incredible opportunities in the Edmonton Region. We are thrilled Edmonton Region passengers will be able to grow their businesses and find new adventures both in Atlanta and in the hundreds of connecting destinations worldwide.

Myron Keehn, Edmonton International Airport (YEG), President & CEO.

The WestJet Fleet

WestJet operates a fleet of many aircraft types and has moved towards more efficient next-generation types in recent years.

The airline operates with a fleet of already 28 in-service 737-8s. These Boeing 737-8s are the youngest fleet type when measured by average age at three years.

For its long-haul flying, the airline utilises the 787-9 Dreamliner. Currently, 7 Boeing 787s are in the airline’s fleet, with an average age of 3.7 years.

In the future and, permitting certification, the airline will welcome the 737-7 and 737-10 from the MAX family to enhance its operations.

Away from the next-generation fleet, it primarily uses the 737-800 and 737-700s for flying with 39 and 40 aircraft in service, respectively.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that arrival time is wrong on Edmonton to Atlanta… I’m guessing that was supposed to be 1706, not 0706. It does not take 17 hours to get from Edmonton to Atlanta.

  2. Why aren’t you reporting on the lack of domestic flights being scheduled for Canadians? As of oct 31st, domestic flights from this (and every other carrier) are minimal to non existent. And any domestic flights are scheduled so erratically with double to triple the price tag!
    Meanwhile westjet as well as other carriers have hedged their bets on international flights and basically left Canadians out.
    So i can fly twice weekly to Nashville but god forbid i want to fly across my own country!
    Go find the real stories that matter to Canadians and not spew marketing crap from the airlines

    1. Post

      I’d encourage you to do adequate research before commenting. This is a news site with a touch of analysis. It doesn’t include deep dive into problems facing consumers. However, I have been impacted by the lack of Canadian domestic flights more times than I can count and express my frustrations across Youtube, social platforms and multiple Podcast episodes. So no, while it isn’t covered here because this is a news site and doesn’t go into opinions it is elsewhere.

  3. We need more flights out of Winnipeg it is center of Canada and is centrally located so within hour of huge centers . Only common sense would tell you that !

    1. Post

      Certainly feel like many Canadians would agree with you and also that there’s a lack of connection between many cities

  4. How about improving the schedule out of Saskatoon? Rather tired of the packed flights and small planes when I have to fly through Calgary, and having to fly to Calgary on the way home from Winnipeg.

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