United Airlines 767 Damaged During Landing

Seen departing on flight UA17 / UAL17 to New York (Newark) London Heathrow Airport, UK

A United Airlines Boeing 767 was damaged during a rough landing in Houston, Texas.

On the 29th of July, 2023, the Boeing 767 registered as N641UA was operating in Houston, Texas, as UA702 from Newark Liberty.

The 767 has an age now of 32 years, making it one of the oldest in the fleet and a telling tale of the workhorse the series has been and continues to be. It also indicates that the unit is nearing the end of its operational life.

However, it emerged following Aviation Herald that the aircraft had touched down relatively hard. As a result, fuselage damage was noted, with wrinkles being present.


Since landing in Houston, the 767 hasn’t operated another scheduled passenger flight. It will now be going through a thorough investigation to determine what happened, the damage and the means to make it airworthy.

United Airlines has an in-service fleet of 36 Boeing 767-300ERs and 16 767-400ERs. The 767 plays a pivotal role in United operations alongside the 757, two types being phased out at airlines around the globe.

Daniel Fowkes
02 Aug 2023
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