United 737s Impacted By Engine Part Problems

United Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Santa Barbara

The ongoing AOG Technics discovery has claimed another causality, with United Airlines confirming that it had found concerning parts on two aircraft.

Fortune reports that United discovered the parts in a single engine of each aircraft. However, the process was more straightforward, thanks to one unit already being in for maintenance. United will need to continue conducting searches throughout its fleet, much like most carriers, to determine if the problem is more widespread.

United Airlines joins, most recently, Virgin Australia as a carrier reporting such problems being identified, with the parts always tracing back to AOC Technics that have been front and centre in recent times.

The biggest concern from the AOG Technics saga is that the company provided an unknown number of engine spare parts to customers around the globe for their A320 and 737 aircraft. Concerns about falsified documents regarding these parts have been raised, with CFM launching legal action.

Even more concerning for CFM International, who makes the engine for these Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s, although the 737s have made headlines more of late for this issue saw falsified documents of parts pass through nearly 70 of its power plants, meaning the problem is hardly contained to just one plant.

Safety is the number one priority within the aviation industry. CFM International emphasised this by launching legal action, which it said it’d aggressively pursue. By moving through with aggression, CFM hopes that those within the industry can locate impacted units as quickly as possible and implement fixes, which in United and other carriers’ cases includes removing the engine.

Daniel Fowkes
20 Sep 2023
· Aircraft 
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