Some Aeroflot Aircraft Flying Without Brakes

Aeroflot Boeing 777

Aeroflot, a Russian airline impacted by sanctions imposed on Russia, continues to find means to keep its active fleet airborne as it struggles to source supply parts, secure maintenance and more.

Per reports, the airline is now flying almost ten aircraft without brakes. The Moscow Times reports the development indicating that worn-out brakes that cannot be serviced or replaced mean that pilots have been told to get radical.

Airbus and Boeing aircraft are at the centre of attention regarding the latest difficulties the Russian airline faces as they try and find new ways to keep their planes in service.

Pilots have been informed to use reverse thrusters only to slow down the aircraft rather than brakes. Some risks have been highlighted to pilots, but the consensus is that preserving the planes is paramount.

As time continues and the invasion of Ukraine continues alongside sanctions, question marks persist over the safety and airworthiness of the aircraft remaining in active service with Aeroflot.

The company has been able to send some of its aircraft to Iran for maintenance and have worked with Russia during sanctions. However, this is only a short-term fix and isn’t going to see all their aircraft serviced.

The public reaction doesn’t see many shocked at these developments. Aeroflot, being Russian, has been isolated, and the airline has continued to fly even with the sanctions. As time passes and these aircraft, under normal circumstances, would’ve been inspected and seen replacement parts fitted, this isn’t happening, so harsh decisions must be made.

News of brakes not being used is not the first headline painting a rather bleak picture for Aeroflot, which many predict will only continue as the company tries to find ways to meet demand within Russia where people still want to fly and to keep aircraft to its name flying.

Daniel Fowkes
07 Aug 2023
· Aircraft 
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