Safety Concern For Boeing 737 MAX

a boeing 737 max 8 departing wearing Boeing colours

The Federal Aviation Administration has been forced to issue an airworthiness directive for the Boeing 737 MAX.

The AD issued relates to a safety risk around the engine powering the 737 MAX, specifically through its anti-ice or EAI system only under certain conditions.

CFM engines, specifically the Leap-1B engines, are the centre of the focus for this AD. The FAA says that if the system was to be used for five or so minutes or even more than during certain conditions, there is the risk that overheating can occur of the engine inlet inner barrel.

Boeing has said that it supports the Federal Aviation Administration in its findings. While there isn’t a safety incident yet is aware that there is a potential for a portion of the inlet to exceed its designed temperature range.

The American plane maker further adds that it is working diligently with customers impacted to deploy the appropriate measures to ensure no safety risk occurs. This is because Boeing has sourced the measures to mitigate the problem, but a more permanent fix is still required.

An inlet loss can cause fuselage or window damage, which has potentially severe implications for those inside the aircraft and the stability of the 737 MAX being flown.

From here, the process will be to find ways to mitigate the problem under a permanent fix can be determined, but the vision would be for this not to impact deliveries or broader operations.

Daniel Fowkes
11 Aug 2023
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  1. Off the subject:
    Failure to deploy flaps on TO. Checklists and warning horns depend on humans.
    Simple failsafe: steel spring loaded detent pin snaps in front of throttles on the ground, thrust reversers and flaps stowed. A strong mechanical reminder with emergency override. Pin retracts upon flap and/or reversers deployment.
    Your thoughts ?

  2. 737 Max is a result of corporate greed and typical short term thinking in US corporations. The 737 Max hack job should have not been produced. After 2 crashes killing over 600 people, the 737 Max should have been shutdown. But corporate greed continues without regard for human life.

    1. Agreed – it’s a dog. Should never have been allowed to fly in the 1st place – wings to close to the ground, insufficient room for larger engines meant a hack job compared to Airbus who had the height for the new engines…

    2. I don’t disagree with your statement, except those two crashes resulted in about 350 deaths not “over 600”.

    3. Yes. This is what is wrong in the country,’s business. American Greedy’s Private Enterprise Ex CEO should be in criminal arrested.

    4. And the greed continues. All will have to deal with will be another crash and then everyone will question it and then of course they’ll be more cover-ups and they’ll keep flying because there’s now thousands of them in the skies all around the world. Boeing has turned into one big corrupt POS

  3. When you fire top engineers from management and replace them with beancounters, you end up with this failure of a plane. It should have been a clean sheet design.

  4. How long before the USAF gets a deal to buy up and convert the model as refueling tankers, surveillance platforms, combi’s and troop taxis ? Just another way to help keep Boeing in business.

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