Ryanair To Be Impacted By 737 MAX Delays


Boeing revealed last week that an issue with part of its 737 MAX would impact production and deliveries.

As a result, several customers around the globe are preparing for deliveries to be impacted by such an issue.

Ryanair reported last week that they were assessing their summer flying schedule to understand better if the MAX issues would impact their flying operations.

According to new reports, the airline is considering cutting flights where necessary to maintain a robust schedule. For airlines, summer is one of the busiest and most important periods of the financial year. Therefore, delays of any size to incoming aircraft or other factors can considerably affect a business’s performance.

Ryanair is a massive operator of the 737 families and has invested in the MAX program, the natural replacement for ageing 737s. That means Ryanair also has commitments in place for delivery. The airline has also struggled as the MAX has been impacted through the years.

The 737 MAX was grounded for years on its path to re-certification. Now, however, as well, two variants remain uncertified as customers await the jets.

Daniel Fowkes
20 Apr 2023
· Aircraft 
· Airlines 

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