Ryanair Orders Up To 300 737 MAXs

Daniel Fowkes
10 May 2023
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Ryanair has placed its most significant Boeing order of 300 737 MAX aircraft. Specifically, the makeup of the deal includes 150 firm orders and 150 additional options should the airline wish to activate these.

The airline has selected the 737-10 for this order and will work directly with the 737-8-200 fleet once delivered. The -10s capacity made it an exciting option for future flying, and with better efficiency than its currently active fleet, it was a no-brainer.

Ryanair says they are pleased with the decision to move the way of Boeing and with the -10 as it offers 21% more seats, burns 20% less fuel and is 50% quieter than the 737NGs they currently operate.

The 737-10 is yet to be certified to fly with passengers. As such, the plane-maker is rapidly trying to figure this out.

Ryanair added that they expect half of the order to replace their 737NGs, while the remainder will be for additional growth plans as they look to transport over 300m guests by 2034.

A 300 aircraft order for Boeing is a big deal, especially regarding the continued recovery from the pandemic. It also adds a substantial backlog to the 737-10, which Boeing hopes can get out to customers as soon as possible. However, as entry into service estimations slip, it’s anyone’s guess when the final approval will come. Until then, customers will wait for the largest 737 MAX family jet.

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