Ryanair Close To Massive Boeing Order

Daniel Fowkes
09 May 2023
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Major orders don’t come around every day, and according to new reports by Reuters, we may just be inching closer to such an announcement Ryanair. According to their sources, the airline wants to place a deal in the three digits for the 737 MAX series. It’s also reportedly close to being announced, potentially coming as early as tomorrow. A deal from Ryanair for the MAX isn’t to say not be expected. The company is a massive customer of Boeing and, therefore, for fleet growth and fleet renewal plans the MAX just so happens to be the best available option. It’s also not the first time news of an acquisition has surfaced; however, it follows a lengthy absence of discussions as they collapsed almost two years ago. Those discussions also saw Ryanair close to acquiring further 737 MAX aircraft, which was quoted as being over a hundred, but ultimately, didn’t go through with it. Interestingly, Ryanair is an airline that isn’t afraid to avoid criticising the American plane maker, which, as we know, has been front and centre of headlines in the past four years or so. From the grounding of the 737 MAX to delayed deliveries, Ryanair will be forced to trim their upcoming summer schedule to prepare for delays they’ll likely incur. That, though, will never be enough to rule out the airline’s interest in such a plane entirely, and if the deal is right, they’ll always look towards signing it, which can be easier said than done. While variants are yet to be named, it would likely be a mix as that’s where comments from Ryanair’s executives have come from. The capacity of the MAX 8 -200 will also be hugely vital for them in the future.

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