Royal Air Maroc Adds Boeing 737 MAX’s

Royal Air Maroc will extend its 737 MAX operations following Air Lease Corporation announcing the placement of four units on a long-term lease.

The deal for the 737 MAX is specifically for the -8 and will be delivered to Royal Air Maroc next year.

Royal Air Maroc has 49 in-service aircraft, a substantial portion being Boeing aircraft. There are 29 from the 737NG family,nine9 787s, and two units from the 737 MAX family.

However, the company notes that this isn’t a new commitment to the 737 MAX from ALC but part of their extensive backlog.

Air Lease Corporation, or ACL, is crucial to many airline fleets globally, offering leasing solutions when customers cannot buy new aircraft up-front.

Modernising and strengthening the operating fleet at Royal Air Maroc is what this deal is all about. One additional 737-800 joining will mean five narrowbodies will be delivered to the company.


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