Qantas Orders More Airbus A350s


Qantas has announced plans to order more Airbus A350s to replace its A330 fleet progressively.

The carrier has boosted its A350 commitment by ordering a further 12 units. Deliveries are slated to begin from FY2028 and will continue into the 2030s.

The 12 units will join alongside the existing commitment to the Airbus A350, which includes the -1000 to complete Project Sunrise flights in the coming years.

Qantas had been studying a replacement for its ageing A330s, and as part of its continued fleet renewal program, Airbus A350s have been selected to complete part of that job.

The benefit of acquiring further Airbus A350s means the carrier that the A350s can seamlessly operate on existing services, opening up countless new possibilities and allowing ease of swapping aircraft.

Qantas has faced countless calls in recent months to boost its international operations, and those calls have been answered as the airline prepares for future flying and needs additional capacity.

The overall fleet at the Australian carrier will look drastically different from what it does now by the end of the decade as the entire narrowbody and widebody operations see shifts to next-generation aircraft.

Qantas noted that additional purchase options are possible for further Airbus A350s as it views a means to replace its Airbus A380 fleet eventually.

Daniel Fowkes
24 Aug 2023
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