Qantas’ New First Class & Business Class On A350


Qantas’ Project Sunrise continues to make headlines in the lead-up to its launch as the Australian carrier unveiled its new first and business-class products. These will feature on the Airbus A350s once delivered in 2026.

The seats have been long anticipated by many as we get our first look into just what the A350 product will be for the longest flights in the world. The airline CEO describes Project Sunrise as the final frontier of travel. It will make possible nonstop service from city pairings such as Sydney to New York, Sydney to London and many more thanks to the capabilities of the A350-1000.

With these long flights comes the need for a fantastic cabin product aboard the 12 units that have been ordered by the Australian airline, beginning with its first-class suites. As a result, the carrier has kitted the A350-1000 out in a low-density configuration. This means that while the aircraft can carry a typically high capacity, Qantas has opted for just over 200 seats which will be primarily spread across upper classes.

The first-class suites will have a bed, separate chairs, and a privacy door. A 32-inch definition screen will also be present for inflight entertainment purposes, a personal wardrobe, a dining table and much more. In addition, the suite features cosy cream colours. Only six first-class suites will be bookable onboard these A350 services, reserved for the absolute elite willing to fork out a down payment for a house or use rewards to claim.

Inside the new first-class suite onboard Qantas’ A350-1000

Onwards to their business class product which the airline also revealed and is different to the current business class offering featured on widebody aircraft. Direct aisle access will be available to all booked in a business class suite. The seat will recline fully into a bed, again, similar to your standard business class found on any aircraft. There’ll be multiple-person device charging options, including wireless charging. There’ll be 52 business class seats configured in 1-2-1.

Business class onboard Qantas’ A350-1000

However, I think the most significant feature of this is the news that the A350-1000 will feature Wifi. So, for the first time, you’ll finally be able to board a long-haul service with Qantas and get Wifi. Something that hasn’t been available on Qantas’ newest 787s being delivered. It has long put the flag carrier behind competitor airlines regarding offerings.

Business and first-class suites have received critics and praise among the flying public. Suppose you’re interested in my take. In that case, the truth is I’ll never be seated in these products, so for me, I’m more interested to see what Qantas does with its economy product as that is where the vast majority will have to endure 22-hour flights, and for the added costs associated with going direct, while time is on your side and the ease of no connection, is comfort? We’ll have to wait and see on that front.

Daniel Fowkes
24 Feb 2023
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