Qantas’ Embarassing A330 Flight

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for Qantas, which has experienced several incidents that have made headlines worldwide.

QF887, which was meant to be a routine flight from Adelaide through to Perth, was forced to turn back while performing its flight. It had only made it 45 minutes into the multi-hour journey before it was forced to return. Per a Qantas spokesperson, the reason was due to incomplete paperwork.

While not related to a technical issue with the plane, this is down to staff releasing the aircraft before completing the paperwork. Technical problems, however, have been plaguing Qantas aircraft in recent weeks, from their narrowbodies to widebody aircraft.

After landing in Adelaide, the flight was eventually cleared to fly to Perth. It touched down in Perth on the same day, however, four hours after it was scheduled initially to land.

Qantas firmly reiterated that despite a significant sequence of events with their flights, there are no issues at the company. Citing that such things happen at airlines globally.


  1. Maintenance done overseas. No taxes paid on the parts used and imported back into Australia. Customs directed not to charge QANTAS the import taxes.

  2. Joyce is a disgrace as are the board of directors who support him and his bonuses. Outsourceing will bring them undone. Shareholders vote them out. A disgrace all around. More soiled toilet paper to Joyce’s roof top.

  3. I fly twice a year business class sydney-bangkok. A direct flight is my #1 preference-sorry, ive donr thai, not worth the money! & emirates & qantas code share. Qantas before covid was great on the way over, & emirates was AMAZING!. I was due to leave again 15 mar 2020 then covid hit. I was told i MUST use my credits by dec 2021, which they charged me $500 extra for. That was $4700 total. THEY LEFT ME ASLEEP IN BED AS WE WERE LANDING INTO SYDNEY!!!!!!!! THIS YEAR I HAVE NO DIRECT EMIRATES OPTION. So my ticket total is a whopping $6700!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck. I want to have a safe journey, no hiccups. ill take 3 pairs of pjs & business class packs. I have bipolar & anxiety. I NEED to b looked after…..IS IT TOO HARD TO ASK??????


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