Qantas Airbus A350 Cabin Revealed

inside the Airbus A350 for project sunrise flights with Qantas

In the next few years, Qantas will welcome its first Airbus A350, ordered to fulfil Project Sunrise operations. As such, in the past day, it has unveiled what the entire cabin will look like.

The Airbus A350s will allow Qantas to complete what they describe as the final frontier of travel, with every part of the world able to be connected by a single flight. Qantas targets nonstop services from Sydney to New York and Melbourne to London, among many others, with 12 A350-1000 made just for Qantas.

The Australian flag carrier will see the cabins organised into a four-class configuration. Firstly, 6 suites will make up first class, 52 seats in business class, 40 in premium economy and 140 in the economy. As such, due to the distance of the journey, the makeup of the cabin will be predominately upper class.

This is a feature mainly seen with Singapore Airlines and their A350ULR operations. However, the Changi-based carrier opted not to include any economy on this aircraft.

Qantas’ Economy Class will focus on well-being with modest recline alongside fast charging. The airline says the seat pitch will be the most generous of any aircraft on the airline’s network.

Meanwhile, the Wellbeing Zone is labelled by Qantas as a game changer and will be located between the premium and main economy cabins and allow passengers to stretch while having a larger space during 22-hour marathon journeys. It remains unclear how the zone will be prioritised yet, but it will undoubtedly be a hit with many.

Qantas’ Premium Economy will upgrade the economy class cabins for those after additional space, privacy and comfort for the long haul. The airline is betting on customers purchasing the upgrade. Fast charging and other features will be present, specifically with an ultra-long haul in mind. Alongside a broader seat and feel to the cabin.

Qantas’ business class will stick with what many have come to know and love about previous products on Qantas aircraft. Colour pallets have stayed the same throughout, with textures bringing a homely feel to the cabin.

First class on the A350 cabin had already been previously revealed, with these other elements being the final part of the cabin. Qantas will welcome their first A350-1000 in 2025, just two years away.

Daniel Fowkes
17 Jun 2023
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