Qantas 717s For Sale


Qantas is undergoing a significant fleet renewal process, including hundreds of new aircraft arriving and older types heading to retirement.

The Boeing 717, flying with Qantas’ regional brand Qantaslink is set to be one of the first axed, with plans to replace the workhorse with the new Airbus A220s.

According to fleet data, Qantas has 20 Boeing 717s to their name. However, only 18 remain in service, with one recently completing an epic journey around the world to the United States.

As a result of Qantas’ plans to renew its fleet with the arrival of Airbus A220s, Cirium reports that it’s putting the 717 fleets up for sale.

The Boeing 717 has been and continues to be a workhorse within the aviation industry. While its flying numbers continue to reduce yearly, its presence certainly can always be felt, and its legacy only grows.

Currently, there are 100 Boeing 717s in service with 31 in storage. The largest operator remains Delta, followed closely by Hawaiian Airlines and Qantaslink.

Qantas’ average Boeing 717 age is 21.8 years, with the youngest being 16.9 years and the oldest 23.3 years. All the 717s are 717-200s.

Daniel Fowkes
29 Apr 2023
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    1. Because the Airbus A220 is a superior aircraft in every way. 717 was actually a McDonnell/Douglas product, anyway.

  1. The Boeing 717 is DC-9!!!
    Yes is DC-9!!!
    DC9 > MD80 (81/82/83/87) > MD95 > Boeing 717 > COMAC ARJ21.
    Is sad, but the destination this plane is the desert.
    Actually the EJets or A220 is the better option for QantasLink.
    For QantasLink the A220 is better because range, ETOPS and seat capacity.

  2. Frankly, QANTAS ought to GIVE one of these B717’s to John Travolta as their senior international marketing representative. His old 707 is now about 55-60 years old and is an obsolete , noisy old thing. The 717 is very quiet and will give many years of service. He could certainly use an upgrade and so could Qantas’ marketing, so Qantas should just give it to him , including a complete service and a fresh coat of paint, plus a ‘Type endorsement’ for J.T.
    Retired L.A.M.E
    Ex Qantas tradesman

  3. The Travolta 707 doesn’t fly anymore but is being readied for a one-way flight from the USA to Australia and destined to become a static exhibit at the HARS museum at Shellharbour NSW similar to the B747-400 they have on display.

  4. They better keep the 717s for a while longer.The a220 is having a heap of problems with engines and many have been grounded in Europe.

  5. The A220 is/was a Bombardier. Hearing stories of maintenance issues with them.
    The e-jet is a very good aircraft though smaller then the 220 and not new. Don’t know why QF picked the 220 over the E2.

  6. Come on Qantas,
    Always desperate to make and save money – how about donating one to the Qantas Museum at Longreach in tribute to the service this aircraft has given regional Australia?
    Inspite of the often exorbitant charges Qantas levied over the years, many regional people have fond memories of this aircraft speeding their way to home, holiday and business.

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