Pegasus Airlines Orders More Airbus A321neos

Daniel Fowkes
16 Jul 2023
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· Airlines 
Pegasus Airlines Airbus A321neo arriving into Manchester

Pegasus Airlines has announced its plans to acquire further Airbus A321neo aircraft at the week’s end.

A commitment to the wider A320neo family aligns with their growth plans as they continue to work to remain the second largest airline in Turkey.

Through this latest commitment, the airline will grow its fleet to 150 units by the end of this decade, and the A321neo will largely be the driving force behind these growth plans, with over 100 units accounting for the highest capacity A320 family aircraft type.

The A321neo series has long been a favourite for airlines globally, whether they’re looking for additional seating capacity or range.

Airbus has launched the A321LR and is anticipating the A321XLR launch, which will add even more range for customers that seek an aircraft type like it.

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