Norwegian To Get More 737 MAX’s


Norwegian is looking at expanding its fleet of aircraft once more with further acquisitions of 737 MAX 8s.

Per Cirium data, the airline has 39 aircraft in service, with 60 on order. The airline has recently undergone a massive restructuring that has seen the removal of its widebody fleet. Previously, Norwegian could be seen operating Boeing 787s. However, this was essentially part of their undoing. Now the airline exclusively flies the 737 family of aircraft.

The airline will lease six additional MAX aircraft from Air Lease Corporation. What’s noteworthy is the new announcement is on top of an already agreed leasing of 3 aircraft. The airline has been frequently in the news of late, looking to acquire new aircraft.

Norwegian wants the aircraft delivered before the summer flying period, which they label peak conditions and where they’ll need the additional capacity.

It remains to be seen how the aircraft will be handled when demand drops. Nordic carriers have struggled significantly during the winter, with Flyr being the latest to announce it had ceased operations.

Daniel Fowkes
07 Feb 2023
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