Norwegian Eyes Boeing 737-10 Order

Boeing 737-10, part of the MAX series rendering

Norwegian, an airline that has undergone significant restructuring in recent years following severe losses, is reportedly reconsidering an order for the largest member of the 737 MAX series.

A deal for the 737-10, which had been long considered, was put on the back burner as the airline completely revamped its operations to try and cut losses.

During the most recent second-quarter results, the airline’s chief executive was heard saying that an order for the 737-10 was being assessed to boost the narrowbody operations.

As part of Norwegian’s major restructure, it said goodbye to widebody flying and instead focused on European operations, utilising the 737 series as a building block.

Interestingly, the 737-10 has been pitted by some to go up against the A321neo in some capacity, and if Norwegian were to proceed with a deal, they envisage the 737-10 as the perfect A321neo alternative.

Ultimately, between the current situation, order and deliveries, there are a lot of factors to consider, including the consistent delays in deliveries for the 737 MAX, which has faced either supply chain issues or new issues emerging frequently.

Additionally, the 737-10 remains alongside the 737-7 uncertified, with the goalposts on a timeframe for approval continuing to shift.

If confirmed, a commitment to the -10 would substantially aid the airline in its growth plans as it emerges from a turbulent recent decade that included multiple risks of collapse.

Daniel Fowkes
28 Aug 2023
· Aircraft 
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