No First Class For Qatar Airways 777X

A boeing 777-9 during its testing

Qatar Airways won’t pursue a first-class suite on its upcoming Boeing 777X, a landmark decision as the airline continues preparing to acquire the aircraft.

The reports from Bloomberg, among others, come following an interview with the CEO on the sidelines in Istanbul.

A decision for Qatar Airways is logical. They believe that their current offering with business class results in their planes not requiring something even better. In addition, Akbar noted that the perks of the first class could already be seen in business class.

For an airline like Qatar Airways, their focus is always on customer experience and ensuring their cabin product is of the highest order. In addition, the carrier has standards it must maintain. Therefore, they must provide products on their upcoming planes that are up to par.

While the focus shifts away from First Class, as a result, the airline will pour a lot of its resources into ensuring its cabin product for the 777X, especially its QSuite, will be refined to bring the best of both worlds to customers.

Thanks to these investments in products, especially the QSuite, the gap has closed substantially between the two, now at a point where it’s no longer deemed necessary to dedicate so much space to such large suites.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Jun 2023
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