New Problem For Boeing 737 MAX

As broken by a reputable source, The Air Current Boeing has confirmed a new issue with its 737 MAX that will hurt deliveries.

The issue involving Spirit AeroSystems, a key supplier for Boeing, is related to incorrectly drilled holes on the aft pressure bulkhead.

While Boeing targets at least 400 deliveries this year for the 737 program, thanks to the latest issue, that target is now at risk as the company tries to manoeuvre near-term deliveries.

Unfortunately for Boeing, the difficulties with their aircraft programs continue, and seemingly catching a break becomes increasingly tricky.

The American plane maker has only recently been able to clear problems involving the 787 Dreamliner, with deliveries restarting and Boeing working towards processing the backlog.

However, it’s the 737 MAX that continues to see niggles every six months or so. The most recent issue isn’t the first time the MAX or Spirit have seen problems arise this year.

Further investigations must take place to understand better the implications of such an issue on future aircraft deliveries to specific customers.

The 737 series for Boeing is hugely important, with it being their best-selling program and tremendously essential to their end-of-year delivery targets. Any minor issue that prevents deliveries from occurring on time can impact Boeing’s monthly and end-of-year performance.

As such, Boeing will want to adequately ensure the problem can be fixed on the impacted aircraft so they can restore deliveries to their required rate as soon as possible.


    • I guess that went out the window a few years back. Some people would say that went out after the McDonnell Douglas merger.

  1. Indeed what happened to upstream manufacturing quality control @ Spirit Aerosystems well ahead of getting these parts to Boeing?
    Should Boeing not have tighter oversight over their suppliers ever since the initial 787 suppliers quality & delivery deadline issues they experienced @ causing huge delays on the 787 launch? Are they missing experienced management personnel who can immediately actually say when things are going wrong rather than finding out months later when it’s a monumental task to rectify?
    Seems like Boeing still have lots to fix internally to get back to their reputable image whilst Airbus are definitely expanding their lead both in quality, innovation and delivery schedule of new aircraft.
    Top down leadership styles might be the key element in Airbus’s growing advantage over Boeing aircraft.


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