Lufthansa Group Profitable, A380 Plans Revealed

Daniel Fowkes
07 Mar 2023
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As part of Lufthansa’s most recent announcement involving a new commitment for 22 widebody aircraft, which included the A350-1000 notably and further 787s, they also revealed that they had returned to profitability. Furthermore, they announced fleet plans that, while exciting, are no doubt sad as we continue to say goodbye to quad-engined aircraft.

Lufthansa Group says it recorded a net profit of 791 million euros, ahead significantly of the loss it experienced in 2021, valued at over a billion. It also puts the group ahead of other major European competitors, such as IAG, International Airlines Group and Air France KLM.

The group was pleased with its 2022 performance and cited it as an essential year for moving forward and putting the pandemic behind them. It’s fundamental for carriers, especially as we move now into 2023, that they find ways to navigate any challenges more positively than they experienced in recent years.

Lufthansa Group has identified 2023 as a year where they want to improve their cabin product which, according to many, has undoubtedly dropped off in recent years.

At the same time, as a premium airline, many customers and frequent travellers have taken to forums and social media to identify some problems with Lufthansa’s service. Some believe that their price point isn’t worth the experience.

The newly unveiled cabin is what Lufthansa hopes will be the critical next step in bridging the gap to other airlines, alongside introducing more modern-fuel efficient jets such as the 787 and A350 and soon-to-be 777-9.

Unfortunately, one of the most considerable losses in the future will be the Airbus A380, alongside other aircraft types. The world’s largest passenger plane was seemingly out of Lufthansa’s plans during the pandemic. However, rising demand and delays in acquiring aircraft have given it a new lease on life and a second opportunity to fly.

That said, Lufthansa has openly stated that the jet has no real future with the company. However, thanks to massive orders for next-generation widebody plans, these will replace the 380s and come with a bucketload of better fuel burn, efficiency and benefits for the group’s finances.

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