Lufthansa Buys More Airbus A350s

Daniel Fowkes
24 May 2023
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Lufthansa has announced that it purchased four additional Airbus A350s and will be acquired from Deucalion Aviation Limited.

Deliveries are slated to be completed this year and will boost the company’s long-haul offering and meet added capacity that is being seen.

Lufthansa has struggled mainly off the back of the global pandemic with aircraft delivery delays that have meant they’ve been forced to return planes from retirement and operate inefficient jets. This is all in the meantime as it awaits more long-haul high-capacity jets delivery.

In March, Lufthansa confirmed it would order more A350-900s and eventually operate the A350-1000. Therefore, this further commitment will see Lufthansa become the third-largest operator of the A350 series.

Per Cirium fleet data, Lufthansa currently has 21 operational A350-900s deployed on a host of missions around the globe. Its Airbus A350’s average age of just five years, with the oldest being 6.4 years.

It is, therefore, one of the younger fleet types in Lufthansa’s operations and, alongside the 787 series, which was recently delivered, provides the company with fantastic economics, undoubtedly better than the quad-engined planes that they’ve been forced to keep around for many reasons outside of their control.

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