Lufthansa Announces More A380s To Return

2 Lufthansa Airbus A380s

Lufthansa, off the back of solid travel demand, has announced it’ll return its last two Airbus A380s to service in 2024/25.

The decision means all eight current A380s to the German flag-carriers name will return to flying by 2025 and play a pivotal role in meeting demand.

These Airbus A380s will be based in Munich and thus continue with the airline’s plans to utilise the city as an essential hub for A380 operations.

Before the emergence of the global pandemic, the airline flew 14 Airbus A380s. However, when travel demand plummeted, the carrier sold six units, leaving it with only eight.

However, with uncertainty over next-generation aircraft arriving, rising demand and more, the airline was forced to ponder its retirement decision for the series in 2022.

The A380 reactivation began when the airline announced it would return the series to service. However, it would only return incrementally, and the final two units had their fate in the air.

Now it has been confirmed the final two units will return to service, which means the airline will have eight A380s flying, a massive result for lovers of the widebody.

Lufthansa were expecting the 777X to arrive in 2020. However, substantial delays have meant they won’t receive their first unit until 2025 at the earliest. Additionally, with delays in the 787 and A350 programs, the airline has struggled to obtain the required aircraft for flying.

As a result, it has meant that types like the A380, A340 and even older 747 units have remained flying to meet capacity, essentially acting as short-term solutions.

However, Lufthansa isn’t the only airline to return the aircraft to service, with more airlines bringing it back than retiring it following demand returning.

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04 Sep 2023
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